Flying Squadron 26 Contacts

Our Squadron do not have very strict rules how to make things happen, but sometimes one have a need to contact our members personally or out Squadron officially and here are some advices how to get the contact.

All of our Squadron members have their personal LLv26 email that can be used for personal contacts. All the email addresses are like: The first part is always written in small letters and without our callsign prefix (LLv26_). Example: Your want to send an email for LLv26_Bull. Just write as an email address: - quite simple isn't it?

For formal contacts (like requests to be accepted to our Squadron member or give challenges for the entire Squadron), You have to send Your email at least to three email addresses to be noticed (because the CO and the XO do not check their email every single day;-). Send Your email to our common commanders post AND to CO AND to XO addresses - please. The best "official" contact in any cases is our site administrators and commanders common post, which post is checked the most fluently by the site and forum admins. For personal contacts the best way is to send a pager to somebody during a Lobby contact.

A wrapup for the main LLv26 contacts:

You can find out their email addresses if You read the text above (this is only against spamming nowadays, sorry).