Recruitees and newbies

New pilot

Squadron Recruitees

Lentolaivue 26 do not active recruit new pilots. Possible new pilots are normally found from online servers by squadron members and they are asked to join our squadron. Every new pilot will be tested and their co-operational skills will be verified before acception. A new pilot needs recommendations made by one or several squadron members and the final acception is always done by the Commanding Officer (CO) or the Executive Officer (XO) of the Squadron.

If You still want to join our squadron and we haven´t found You yet, the best way make things happen is to contact some of our members (found with squadron prefix LLv26_xxx) for example in the Hyper Lobby forum. An another way may be leaving a post to our public discussion forum and the last way is to make a straight contact to our CO/XO by email: commander (at)

Squadron Newbies

Sometimes miracles happen and we get some new pilots. The most important thing in the beginning is to get proper usernames and passwords to get into the community forum. Username and password are given by the site admin who emails instructions to the new pilot. After the first signup to our forum everything will be easy - we will be with You ;-)