Flying Squadron 26 Pilots

Welcome to see our pilot roster. Normally we are using our Squadron prefix (LLv26_) before our callsign, but sometimes we are unable to obey that. Anyway here we are;-).

On the left side You see a virtual rank and a plane tailnumber that we use if it is possible. On the middle column You can get some information about the pilots callsign, the year of birth and the place of living and a personal slogan (if there are any information to be published). On the right side there You may see up to two pictures, one for the pilots personal avatar and one for the pilots famous skin of his favourite aircraft.

Our virtual ranks are mostly depended on the squadron´s internal respect of each other and/or on the experience around the virtual flying world with or without the Squadron. The pictures below shows the ranks from the lowest to the highest, starting from the left. We obey the old wartime ranking rules of the Finnish Air Force.

Cpl Sgt SSgt MSgt 2ndLt SgtMaj Lt Capt Maj LtC Col

Our pilots are arranged to flights by their main intrests of the type of flying. The 1st (white) and the 2nd (yellow) Flights pilots are mainly flying fighter role missions, the 3rd (red) Flight is for jabo and the 4th (black) is for bomber pilots. The 5th (blue) Flight is for our trainees, reservists and non flying pilots.

By clicking pilots avatar You may found some more detailed information about him.

The 1st Flight