IL-2 Sturmovik Missions

You can download IL-2 game missions and related files from here. These files are checked for viruses when uploaded to the server. The file creator or sender is in responsible for the file functionality (tested in game verse as announced) for the game. Notice that files are zipped and can include several mission files and possibly also a readme -file. Be sure to unzip files before copying those in to the proper game folders. Please read the remarks or description of each file before downloading the file to avoid any misunderstandings.

Saved Type Version Size (kB) Players and Flyable planes Description and remarks Author Get file
25.04.13Coop4.1048 vs 8. Reds 8*I-15bis, blue 4*Gladiator + 4*Hawker Hart (Fiat CR-42)Swedish volunteer attack Soviet airbase at Salla (Lapland) January 1940. Reds are alerted too late and low level fight starts. Good weather, but very cold. Blue advantage, difficult for reds.ReinmanDownload
25.04.13Coop4.1036 vs 6+4. Blue 6*Gladiators, red 6*TB+4*I-15bisRovaniemi March 1940. Soviet bombers attacks Rovaniemi with fighter escort. Airstart and fast action with blue altitude advantage.ReinmanDownload